My name is Lance Jamez Tucker

I live in Farmington, Utah.  I just moved in with my best friend of 12 years and running.  For as long as I can remember, I have had such an obsessive lust for the creative things in this world.  Music, fashion, art, photography and anything else that is going to bring a new & fresh perspective to everyday life.  I created this to show others what inspires me.  I am constantly being asked what my opinion is on how to dress, what new music is out there, does this look good with that, what do you think about that? etc…

I have never been all that brave or courageous. But after coming out on September 10th, 2012, being brave or daring has come a lot easier to me. I’ve found that being yourself, and doing things that make you happy, are key ingredients to overcoming that which makes you afraid.

I love music, fashion, photography, design, and writing. This a place where I can combine all the great loves of my life into one. My blog is about my personal style, and my life experiences, my travels, and what keeps driving me forward creatively.  I hope you love what you see, read, and hear!



I’m huge on family I don’t know what I do without them.  I have two older sisters, two younger brothers, one brother and sister in law, one niece or nephew on the way,and two goofball parents whom I love with all my heart and soul. We are so close and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They come first and foremost in all things!

IMG_9613 IMG_9682

My bestfriend/roommate is Whitney.  Without her, I would truly be lost. We are soul mates through and through. Words can not come close to describing what she means to me. We met in high school and we were instantly hooked together for eternity. She’s extremely smart and sassy, but that’s why I love her. I owe her so much, and there will never be a day I will be able to repay her. We live together and have traveled the world together.

DSC_0307IMG_8421IMG_8191Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetIMG_0124IMG_0562 DSC_0586

This I my cat. His name is Leonardo. (Leo for short.. He also goes by Nugget Belly, Honey Bear, Monkey, or Lilo Squish Honey.. To be honest I have a plethora of names for him that are far too embarrassing to write. I call him whatever I feel like, just depends on the day or moment really, but its rarely his actual name). I love him so much its hurts. I rescued him one night during a snow storm, he was starving, wet and freezing. I brought him home knowing my poor mother was allergic, and she was NOT happy about that but that was nearly 8 years ago. It’s fair to say he’s part of the family now.



  • I look at the clock every single day @ 9:12. Without fail!
  • I’m a music junkie! I love it more than anything… yes, even clothes! But it’s a super close tie for 1st.
  • I do not eat chips that are folded. EVER. Ew!
  • I hate sunlight. I avoid it like the plague. I’m a sunscreen freak!
  • I’m a huge advocate for singing in the shower. Which I love taking in the dark, and the window open with a cold breeze coming in.
  • I loathe homemade decorations. I don’t mind if they are homemade, but they just can’t end up looking like it. (it’s hard to explain)
  • I love to cook, not sure how good I am at it thought…
  • I HATE leftovers
  • I talk to myself CONSTANTLY, like… full fledged conversations! And all of it out loud, embarrassingly enough!


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