“They say true love’s the greatest weapon
To win the war caused by pain
But every diamond has imperfections
But my love’s too pure to watch it chip away

Boy nothing real can be threatened
True love breathes salvation back into me
With every tear came redemption
And my torturer became my remedy

All I wanna
Be no other
Be together
I remember
Sweet love
All Night long…”




I’m a little late on this because this trip was nearly 3 weeks ago, but I haven’t had a free second at all to sit down and write about any of it. So this post is going to be rather short because this adventure was just that… Short. We all went to The Rise Festival last year and couldn’t stop raving about it all year long. So when the time came again, it was no doubt in anyone’s mind that went that we all had to experience it again!

We all worked on Friday and left right after work to head down to Mesquite where our hotel was. The festival is right between Las Vegas and Mesquite and to save ourselves on gas and expense’s we stayed in Mesquite. We drove through the darkness of night and arrived in Mesquite around 1 a.m. Being exhausted from the drive and from the work day, everyone headed to bed almost immediately after setting foot through the hotel threshold. we crammed 6 people into a 4-person room and only claimed that two were staying so that it was as cheap as possible! When we awoke the next morning we were starving and decided that brunch was in serious need before we did anything else. I couldn’t remember then, and I can’t remember now and am just feeling too lazy to Google it, so… I’m just going to call is Sally Pie’s. We ate breakfast/lunch there (we did not wake up early enough to call it breakfast.) After we got back we went and laid by the pool for a few hours. Some of us (not me) enjoyed the sunlight on their skin and being “tan”. I however didn’t feel like putting sunscreen on, so I just got under a bunch of towels and read my Harry Potter book! I did enjoy the warmth though That counts for something right?

We went back up to the room and got ready to go the festival where we got dressed and prepped and also waited for Heather to arrive. She drove separately because she was spending time with a friend and met us at our hotel. We left and drove for about an hour to the Indian Reservation which is in the Mojave Desert. They hold the festival in this particular place every year because it is away from all other forms of light and so it makes the light of the lanterns that much better. Once we arrived we walked for about half a mile over to where the music and people were gathering. This year we got there a little later than we had the previous year so it got dark super-fast, which left very little time for picture taking. I wasn’t as upset about this as one would assume because I looked ugly af , I didn’t like the outfit I packed so that meant that I didn’t want pictures of me! So I took pics of Marissa & Heather for a few minutes.

(Insert diva criticisms here)

The music was already playing and we all bought a few souvenirs at the gift stands once we got in and made out way to our section to write all over lanterns. We all wrote on our lanterns for about an hour and then sat and laughed and talked before the festival started. Once it was time we all gathered out lanterns and let them go with everyone else.

Last year there a few people that didn’t end up coming so we had extra lanterns but the typical amount the one receives is 2. I wrote a long letter to myself on one of my lanterns and also a bunch of inspirational/motivational quotes and phrases as well as had everyone who was present sign my lantern. I didn’t really know what else to do with my other lantern but Whitney and I decided that it would be cool to leave it completely blank and send it off. We left it blank to represent a fresh start and a clean slate for a new year of opportunities, growth and change. We lit all of the lanterns and helped a few struggling strangers throughout the evening. Once the majority of the crowd had released their lanterns they let off some fireworks in celebration of change. We headed back to the car and drove back to Mesquite where we most everyone went to bed but I stayed up later and read as well as worked on some of the pictures that I had taken at the festival.

We left the next morning after making a quick stop at McDonald’s for breakfast. I never used to eat at McDonald’s and it was kind of a rule that I refused to eat fast food (and I probably should still live by that) but their breakfast is literally so good! I love it! I only eat it while out of town, which is often enough, but at least it’s not every day, so I therefore don’t feel overwhelmingly guilty about it. After eating we all got in the car and headed back to Utah. Jamming to music and eating snacks, the drive back didn’t seem to be as strenuous as it usually feels. I truly don’t like road trips that are any longer than about 6 hours. After that I want to murder myself and then everyone else. The drive back from Seattle in May was 13 hours and that nearly put me 6 feet underground. It was awful! I didn’t take as many pictures on this trip as I should have but there really wasn’t much to see other than at the festival, unless you wanted to look at my Egg McMuffin that I ate for breakfast (that sounds so good right now).

Yeah… Hi! 🙂




I love your Rin Tin for wearing that Bob Ross Shirt! He’s so amazing!
Me: “Oh my!! YESSSS stand there and look just like that. DO NOT MOVE!”



I love this picture of these two so much it hurts!








Heather: “Does that say Slidin’ Thru Cum?” hahahahahahaha Me: “Hahaha No, but I like that title waaaaaaay better!!!”





another… Sky Full Of Stars


that giddy smile! 🙂







dsc_6544 dsc_6539


I have no idea what Alyssa is laughing at… but i’m sure i would have found it funny! just because she did hahah


H-Town & Bruce For anyone wondering… the nickname for Heather “H-Town ironically enough came from another Beyonce song called ‘Flawless”. The term refers to Houston Texas, which is where Beyonce grew up . The nickname “Bruce” for Melly came about from an old snapchat picture that was screenshotted. Her hair was wild, frizzy, and messier than hell. Whitney told he she looked like Bruce Jenner before he became Caitlyn. Which wasn’t Bruce’s best look 🙂 hahah She resisted the name at first, but now fully embraces it!
Change ^ 🙂







I love her concentrating face!! It’s so stern! hahah


If you weren’t super watchful of the flame,, it would sometimes scorch the side of your lantern and sometimes put a hole in it.. rendering it useless af 🙂


Albus Dumbledore: “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one simply remembers to turn on the light”





lighting the lanterns wax palate literally takes a solid 3 or so minutes. It bugs! hahah but it’s worth the effort 🙂



All Night Long!

I love The Rise Festival so much and I want to continue going every year that the company hosts it. It’s just a great place to go and get a kick start to change. I’m not the most spiritual of people on earth but I swear it to you the experience you have there is nothing short of that. It’s so spiritual and emotional and gives you a great sense of peace and truly does make you feel so humble about where you are in life and that you can do anything as long as you want it bad enough and work hard enough for it.

I know that the lyrical content of this song has nothing to do with anything that we did during our time in Nevada, it’s actually a song about make up sex and mending a broken relationship with someone you love but… I like to think that I converted a few people to Lemonade’ on the drive and I’m gladly welcoming them into the Beehive even though a few have yet to take the full plunge. On day though…   That being said, I felt it was more than appropriate to put a Beyoncé track to this post because I feel as though the entire group could have spent All Night in the middle of that desert watching those lanterns Rise up and up and up emulating good vibes, positive change, and lighting small flames of hope and inspiration in the heart of all attendees while simultaneously sending that energy out into the universe. Plus… it’s been just over a month since I watched B sing this glorious song to me live in San Jose. She is one of god’s greatest gifts to this world!

I can’t wait to go again next year and see just how different life is then. It’s a lot different even now, there are great, small and epic shifts that can transpire in just as little as 365 days. If you let them!


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