I drew this in high school, and when I drew it, I had the most intenses obsession with her and her music and that voice. That obsession still lives on but she hasn’t made a lot of music lately. I think she has one of the most incredible voices on earth.  She’s an incredible vocalist and one of my true musical heroes. She inspired me so much, I figured to channel that, and put it on paper.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Kelly Clarkson more than the average person should. I am probably more obsessed with her than her own husband.  Not only do I love her music, but it’s her voice and her versatility as a singer that I love so much. She can sing literally anything and make it sound effortless. I also have watched enough interviews and live stage shows that I can just tell what a good person she is. Which makes her even more appealing to know that fame and fortune haven’t changed her. I have drawn and completed two pictures


I love Adele, and after I went to her concert and I was truly obsessed.  I drew this a few years ago right after her album came out. She did a photoshoot for Vogue magazine, and this was one of the shots that was put in the spread. When I saw it my jaw dropped and immediately grabbed my pencil and started drawing. Luckily for me this one of the easiest drawings I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on because there is no hair 🙂 My favorite. Still took me about 4 days to complete, but it’s still on


Love her! So much! I think she is so inspiring and no only is she incredibly intriguing I think her talent is almost unmatched.  She writes, sings, and perform all of her own music. A true musician. My favorite part is that has the pipes to match the rest of her musical abilities.  Most people think that she is an absolute freak but I think the exact opposite, by watching countless interviews she has done, I have come to the conclusion that she is completely normal. She just chooses to express herself in an artistic way that shows people you


My best friend asked me to draw her a picture for Christmas last year, she specifically asked for a picture of Christ. She originally asked for a picture of his face, but I couldn’t ever find a good picture to draw from. Most, are of paintings or other peoples drawings and I wanted to give her something that no one else had.  So I took a picture of my dads hand, draped some extra fabric we had in storage over his arm, then I created a hole in his hand in photoshop as best as I could. The rest is history 🙂


Junior year! I got to be in AP Art the entire year, and I got to do whatever I wanted.  One night I was looking for something to draw and I started to look through old photo albums I had at my house.  I found these two pictures of my parents that really stood out to me and I remember taking them out very very carefully not to hurt anyone of my mothers scrapbooking work.  I figured that I would work on drawing these two pictures for a while.  I got them done in about two weeks only working on


When I was a sophomore in high school I took and art class just cause I needed an extra credit to fill my schedule. During the class one of our assignments was to draw a black and white portrait. We were instructed to go to this closet in the art room that was full of magazine and were told to find a picture that we could use as inspiration.  I found a picture of this man sticking his tounge out, i picked out of the magazine and just started drawing. When I was finished I turned it in, a few