“When I Look At You I see forgiveness I see the truth You love me for who I am ‘Cause there is no guarantee That this life is easy And when my world is falling apart When there’s no light To break up the dark That’s when I I look at you When the waves are flooding the shore And I can’t find my way home any more That’s when I I look at you” SONG When I Look At You – Miley Cyrus: The Time Of Our Lives   I have had the idea to write this blog post


“You’re the Northern Wind Sending shivers down my spine You’re like fallen leaves In an autumn night You’re the lullaby That’s singing me to sleep You are the other half You’re like a missing piece Oh my love Oh my love Oh my love You don’t know What you do to me” SONG NORTHERN WIND – CITY & COLOUR: LITTLE HELL   I wrote post called Waves a little while ago about a trip to San Jose I took with Whitney to see Beyoncé and I said in that post “This is part 1 of 2 posts having to do


Pretty girl, got that look in her eyes She might be trouble, but trouble’s what you need sometimes She can’t hold back and she won’t let go Like a sinking ship that’s keeping me afloat A reckless heart and a dangerous mind That combination, a beautiful disaster every time And she makes me mad, but she, she makes me stronger But she is my hurricane And I, I am her ocean And we could make the biggest Waves Cause she makes me move; she moves me SONG Waves – Kris Allen: Letting You In   This is part 1 of


“Everything We Touch turns to gold at night In the dark we make it special make it justified Everything We Touch turns to gold at night There’s a ghost in the machine and there’s a glowing light” SONG EVERYTHING WE TOUCH – SAY LOU LOU: LUCID DREAMING   Let me just start this out by saying that I absolutely LOVE this song. It’s graduated it’s way into my “OF ALL TIME” playlist on Spotify. A very coveted title to hold you see, not just any song makes into that list… However, I haven’t got even the slightest of clues what


“Train’s coming but I’m stuck on this road Moon’s rising and my blood is growing cold Preacher man can’t save a soul like mine Miracles… are just too damn hard to find I’m bound for the broken promise land To meet my demons and get back my upper hand Long man can’t catch a soul like mine Miracles are just too damn hard to find Ain’t Gonna Drown in the water ‘Cause the good Lord ain’t bringing me home” MUSIC AIN’T GONNA DROWN – ELLE KING: LOVE STUFF   The idea for this particular post came to me in a


A few weeks ago I also took some pictures of my sister for her last and final graduation announcement. This is her 2nd Bachelors degree…. Yeah… You read that right, her 2nd!!!! She’s worked so hard in school and is finally done for the rest of her entire life at the end of this week! She just bought her first house and is remodeling it currently. A lot of great things are happening in her life and I just want to tell her that I love her and think the world of her and her accomplishments! Congrats Kid! 🙂 I


Took a second batch of photos with my Gravesy-Poo a few weeks ago. It’s been a cray couple of weeks as far as having enough time to sit down and edit them, but they are finally all done and I think that I love this shoot more than the other one. I loved the landscapes in these photos so much. hahah poor Nicole, has such a hard time not laughing but I was literally screaming at her “Don’t move, I will kill you if you move” hahah Good thing she obeyed! 🙂  


It’s rare these days that I’m the one behind the camera, but I got to take some photos of  Nicole (friend/co-worker) and Kylie while she was here! 🙂 Sometimes it’s so much nicer to be the one doing the shooting instead of the on that’s posing! These were my favorites from both shoots. KYLIE ^ This is my favorite picture of her EVER!!!! Like, in the entire world!  ♥ ^ Look at those eye balls! ♥ NICOLE ♥ Fave Photographing people really isn’t hard when you take pictures of people that look like that! 🙂