A few weeks ago I also took some pictures of my sister for her last and final graduation announcement. This is her 2nd Bachelors degree…. Yeah… You read that right, her 2nd!!!! She’s worked so hard in school and is finally done for the rest of her entire life at the end of this week! She just bought her first house and is remodeling it currently. A lot of great things are happening in her life and I just want to tell her that I love her and think the world of her and her accomplishments! Congrats Kid! πŸ™‚ I


Took a second batch of photos with my Gravesy-Poo a few weeks ago. It’s been a cray couple of weeks as far as having enough time to sit down and edit them, but they are finally all done and I think that I love this shoot more than the other one. I loved the landscapes in these photos so much. hahah poor Nicole, has such a hard time not laughing but I was literally screaming at her “Don’t move, I will kill you if you move” hahah Good thing she obeyed! πŸ™‚  


It’s rare these days that I’m the one behind the camera, but I got to take some photos of Β Nicole (friend/co-worker) and Kylie while she was here! πŸ™‚ Sometimes it’s so much nicer to be the one doing the shooting instead of the on that’s posing! These were my favorites from both shoots. KYLIE ^ This is my favorite picture of her EVER!!!! Like, in the entire world! Β β™₯ ^ Look at those eye balls!Β β™₯ NICOLE β™₯ Fave Photographing people really isn’t hard when you take pictures of people that look like that! πŸ™‚    


A few days ago I got the opportunity to do my very first newborn photoshoot! I was pretty nervous about it because I’ve never taken pictures like that before. I was also slightly nervous because I’ve never shot pictures inside. Luckily, I was very good friends with the mother πŸ™‚ She’s basically like another sister to me, which helped so much! Now that I look back on it, I quite enjoyed the shoot. I’ve found that baby’s are so much easier to shoot because they don’t move and you can mold them to sit, or lay whichever way you want…


I have been begging Whitney, and I mean relentlessly begging, nagging, pestering, poking, prodding and badgering her to let me take her pictures! All my efforts were not in vain. She broke! πŸ™‚ I caught her at a weak moment and put her in front of the camera! I don’t really need to say much of what happened after… I will just let you look πŸ™‚   There isn’t really much to say… other than she is a gorgeous greek goddess!  


I’ve gotten to be behind the camera a few times these past few weeks. Which has been kind of fun. Sometime it’s nice to be the one taking the pictures and not having to work as hard for the “great shots” I took a few pics of my sister for fun. She wanted have some new pics for spring, since we took a bunch right before winter. These were my favorite shots from the shoot! I also took a few pictures for my other sister Ashley, she just graduated from nursing school. So proud of her. She has been a


My sister asked me MONTHS ago if we could take some pictures because she hasn’t taken any and it’s been ages since she’s had any updated pictures, so i said “sure why not!! :)” Well suffering from early Alzheimers, I completely forgot, she so gracefully reminded me of the promise I made, so we decided to just do it over the weekend. Well, being so blessed with good timing, we both suffered in the chilly 28Β° weather. She certainly suffered more than i did, but she sure was a trooper, braving the winter wind and chilly temperature! You can’t even