“Time came a creeping Oh and time’s a loaded gun (Every road is a ray of light) It goes on Time only can lead you on, still it’s Such a beautiful night” SONG Life In Technicolor – Coldplay: Prospekt’s March   Peer pressure has brought me here. And by that, I mean I have been pestered greatly by a great thunder from down under to write another, very long over due blog post updating my life haha  :). Thank you Kylie for making me do this. It has been way too long… But I’m grateful for it because I feel


“I’m gonna Soak Up The Sun I’m gonna tell everyone To lighten up” SONG Soak Up The Sun – Sheryl Crow: C’mon C’mon   Ellen/Los Angeles After Whitney Surprised me with a trip to Nashville (which was so incredibly thoughtful), I had to give back! So, starting in December, I tried my damnedest to get tickets to the Ellen show for her. She has only said she wanted to go to that show about 10 million or so times. I applied literally every single day for almost 4 or so months. On March 17th, I got a glorious email that said “Congratulations,


“I Know A Place I Know A Place we can go Where everyone gonna lay down their weapon Lay down their weapon” SONG I Know A Place – Muna: About U St. Croix The trip to St. Croix came about in the weirdest way possible. I woke up one with morning to my phone literally ringing off the hook. I answered and was basically still half asleep and all Whitney asks is “Did you want to go to St. Croix in January for $180?” I was like, “Sure” and hung up the phone. hahahah When I came to full consciousness I asked her


“When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad I simply remember My Favorite Things and then I don’t feel so bad.” SONG My Favorite Things – Kelly Clarkson: Wrapped In Red Nashville, Tennessee When we left for home from Disneyland and California I was sad because the only vacation that I had to look forward too was January. I had gotten super used to going somewhere every month that January felt like light years away. But if we fast forward a little bit to December I came home from work one Friday and there was a


“If you can start a party anywhere you are, hey You don’t care who’s watching, you just let go Like everyday’s your birthday, even if it’s Monday You’re not afraid to let your true colors show You’re My Kinda People“ SONG My Kinda People – Lauren Alaina: Road Less Traveled   Back in October, a group of friends and I went to Disneyland (yet again) and we also went to Universal Studios to go to Harry Potter world. I re-read all of the books in the fall and watched all the movies probably a million times during that time and


“You’re the Northern Wind Sending shivers down my spine You’re like fallen leaves In an autumn night You’re the lullaby That’s singing me to sleep You are the other half You’re like a missing piece Oh my love Oh my love Oh my love You don’t know What you do to me” SONG NORTHERN WIND – CITY & COLOUR: LITTLE HELL   I wrote post called Waves a little while ago about a trip to San Jose I took with Whitney to see Beyoncé and I said in that post “This is part 1 of 2 posts having to do


“Remember when you hit the brakes too soon? Twenty stitches in the hospital room When you started cryin’, baby, I did, too But when the sun came up, I was lookin’ at you Remember when we couldn’t take the heat I walked out and said, “I’m settin’ you free,” But the monsters turned out to be just trees And when the sun came up, you were lookin’ at me Are we “Out Of The Woods” yet? Are we in the clear yet? In the clear yet, GOOD!” SONG OUT OF THE WOODS – TAYLOR SWIFT:  1989 Looking at it now,


“Light us up and then throw us down Walk away when we hit the ground How’s it gonna feel when you come back around here and see It’s just you and your cigarettes Always there every time you need me It ain’t love, it’s just like nicotine You’re addicted to a feeling you can only get From Me & Your Cigarettes“ SONG ME & YOUR CIGARETTES – MIRANDA LAMBERT: REVOLUTION   I believe that there are two types of people in this world: The Manipulated and the Manipulator or The Giver & The Taker. Each of us falls into both