About a month ago a few friends of mine planned a trip to Missouri and Indiana for fun and to see a few football games.  Naturally, the asked me to go, and I almost immediately declined because I’m not a sports fan at all. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that I’m somewhat of the ‘anti-christ’ for sporting events. I do not like them AT ALL. So they booked the flights and hotels without me and all was well.

One morning I got a call from my friend Whitney and she explained to me that another friend had bailed on the vacation because of work, and that if I wanted to go all I had to do was change my name on the airline ticket, pay the difference and I was in.  I figured… “Why not?” (A decision I would soon later regret to the highest extent). The day came for us to fly out very very very early in the morning. We had a layover in Denver and then arrived in St. Louis somewhere around noon that day. All went well and we got to our rental car, got to the hotel and everything was fine. Later that night we went to a nearby Rams game and spent the night eating chicken strips, soda, and while everyone else was glued to the game, I was enjoying the sights of people watching. One of my favorite and most cherished of past times, which ironically enough comes in great handy when I’m stuck in hell!

The next morning we were leaving St. Louis and wanted to visit the famous arch, so we check out of the hotel at 11 and drove just around the block to see it. The parking garage that you normally park in was being renovated and you couldn’t go in, so we had to park in a neighboring lot. We paid the $3 fee and made out way over the arch. The arch itself is gorgeous and really a sight you’d want to see. They let you go inside and take a tour all the way to the top. Below the arch, they have an underground visitor center and gift shop, we went in and did all that we could and when we were ready to leave, we made our way back to the car. Being the photo bug that I am I separated from the group and tried to get a few last shot so the bridges across from our parking lot. Right before I started shooting I hear Whitney shout at me “LANCE, GET OVER HERE SOMEONE BROKE INTO OUR CAR.” Thinking that she was joking, I walked over to her, armed with the words “hahaha you think your so funny” which I quickly held back, and swallowed. I really have never ever wished for a practical joke to played on me more than I did right then at that moment. Someone really had broken into our van, and taken almost everything of real value.

Because we had to check out of the hotel, we had all of our stuff with us. I had my backpack which contained my MacBook Pro, iPad, camera lense, expensive sunglasses, my wallet, all the chargers for my camera, phone, and other electronics. I had a few other random things in my bag that weren’t of any real value, but the one thing they stole from me that was the most expensive item was my journal. They took that probably not knowing that it was inside. That is the one thing in my bag that I can NEVER ever replace. I have written in that thing for nearly 2 years, inside of it containing letters from family and friends, pictures that I don’t have copies of, items I’ve saved for sentimental purposes, and not to mention that countless amounts of stories and life experience I wrote down so that I could refer back to them throughout my life. My heart and soul is plastered between those pages, and I am sick at the thought of where it is, and what has happened to it. I would pay any amount of many to have that back. Any amount!

After gathering our thoughts and trying to shake off the shock, we called the police who came and took down all of our info and what was lost. He told us that it was very common for cars to get broken into in this city and that this was his 3rd break in that morning. We later drove to Enterprise to get a new vehicle, once we got everything the thieves left transferred to the new van, we headed to stores and locations that our cards were ran at, only to be out of luck.  Nothing was helping the situation and all of us were tired and mentally exhausted from dealing with this issue.

We then headed to Indianapolis which is a 4 hour drive from St. Louis. To make the drive less silent and long we rented a redbox and arrived a few hours later. We pretty much spend the rest of the trip figuring out how to get home and trying to keep our heads held high. Which is somewhat difficult when you have your possessions stolen from you while on vacation. We were most concerned about how all of us were going to get home together, because only some of us had out ID stolen. Knowing that the airport is already stressful enough the thought of trying to go through security without ID was freaking all of us out.

Our luck hadn’t run all the way out but it was definitely running on E, we got through security ok but it took some extra measures and planning on our part. We finally boarded the plane and landed in Denver, and for some unknown reason I got so incredibly hot, my shirt was soaking wet and I started shaking. I think that I was dehydrated and pert near starving. So we went and got food at the fast food places in the airport. After stuffing my face we got on the airplane and right before we took off I got super sick which made for a delightful flight home.

I haven’t traveled for a while and I was looking forward to having a blast with friends, being away from work and just having a fun small get away. The trip was fun, and we did enjoy ourselves, but there just always seemed to a cloud hanging over us the whole time, I only wrote about the major stuff that happened but it truly was just one thing after another for 4 straight days.

They say “When it rains, it pours” and this phrase seemed to be our slogan for the entire trip. We pretty much got dumped on! Our entire trip was flooded with nothing but bad luck from the get go. We did make it out of the eye of the hurricane, but boy did it rain.

Truly a torrential Downpour!


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It’s ironic that the sky was so gray this day, because I know the behind the smiles and the laughs all of us were feeling exactly like the sky looked: Dim, and dismal with the chance of showers!

SONG:   Downpour – Brandi Carlile


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