Know A Place
I Know A Place we can go
Where everyone gonna lay down their weapon
Lay down their weapon”


I Know A Place – Muna: About U

St. Croix

The trip to St. Croix came about in the weirdest way possible. I woke up one with morning to my phone literally ringing off the hook. I answered and was basically still half asleep and all Whitney asks is “Did you want to go to St. Croix in January for $180?” I was like, “Sure” and hung up the phone. hahahah

When I came to full consciousness I asked her about all the details. Our friend Matt had found flights that were mistakenly posted by American Airlines to St. Croix for $180. They were normally $1080.00. The trip was only 5 days long but who pass that up a cheap as hell trip to the Caribbean in the middle of winter? Not me? I didn’t really have the PTO for it, but I didn’t really care that much! Matt posted about it on Facebook and invited nearly 70 people to come on this trip. The name of our group was Giggiddyfest.

We left super early in the morning to catch out flight on January 4th and flew to South Carolina. We had a 7-8 hour layover there and all of us were exhausted. That airport was FREEZING!!!!! I was so cold the entire time we were there, I wanted to die. They kept having all of these issues with the plane so it took forever to get going. We got on the plane then back off  the plane, boarded  a completely different one, sat in there FOREVER while they de-iced it for the second time, and then took off. It was so annoying!

Once we arrived in St. Croix it was nighttime and were shuttled to our resort. After traveling nearly the ENTIRE day we were all exhausted, but we went to the bar at the got some food! The food there was soooo expensive! It cost almost $20 every time you wanted to eat something and we had no car so we were basically forced to eat thee. They had free alcohol there for everyone when we first got there, a couple of us partook in that. But because it was free and tasted basically exactly like Tampico, we just kept drinking it and were a little tipsy after a little while. Which basically ended with us in the ocean, naked! We found out the next morning that there are tons of seas urchins where we were swimming and cold have gotten really sick if we had stepped on one. Woopsy!! We swam in the ocean and and laughed our heads off and relished in the surrounds that were the stars and warm ocean waves! I wish I had those moments on film or something like that so I could have saved them forever.

After a much needed nights rest, we awoke refreshed and ready for nothing but a day of relaxing on the beach, swimming in the ocean and basking in the sun (shade for me). We laid on the beach for what felt like 5 minutes but we were really out there for hours! We all seemed to have different ideas of what relaxing meant, I listened to some music while laying in the shade, Whitney swam in the ocean, a few others brought books, or we all did combination of those things. It was such a beautiful day and it felt so good to just be there. Later that evening we ate some dinner at the resort and I forced everyone to get back in the ocean. They hated me but the water was so warm and the sky was so clear and full of stars, I knew that they would regret it if they didn’t.

The next morning we were suppose to go on this snorkeling trip but when we got the shuttle pick up at the resort, they informed us that we missed the shuttle. Sort of bummed out that our plans for the day were sort or ruined, we just went and had some lunch and went back to the beach and relaxed some more. We went back to the room to get ready to go into town for a big carnival we heard about earlier during the day. It started down pouring though and Whitney couldn’t miss out on swimming in the ocean during the rain. So I grabbed my go pro and ran out to the ocean. I can’t tell you how much we laughed while we were out there. There really isn’t a greater experience being in a place that beautiful and swimming in the rain. I bashed my leg so hard on some coral. It hurt so bad and it bleed forever! I didn’t even see it under the water but right before I kicked it, Whitney said: “Watch out for that……” Me: “OWWWWWWWWW SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!” Whitney: nearly drowning with laughter. It hurt so bad I can’t even begin to describe it. It felt like kicking the sharpest slap of concrete as hard as I possibly could. There are pictures of it below.

The carnival in town wasn’t that great. It was basically like south ogden days with a beach near by. It was actually kind of sketchy too… I felt like we were in semi suspect territory and that we were going to be sold into slavery at any given moment if we weren’t careful. But…. There were fireworks on the beach and that was pretty amazing. That made the uneasy feelings about being kidnapped worth it.

The next day we all had to be up fairly early to catch the shuttle for the snorkeling trip. We didn’t want to miss it again and basically almost did. Luckily, I packed my book bag the night before so when I was awoken by Whitney saying, “The shuttle leaves in literally five minutes, get up now, or you’ll miss it.”, I flew out of bed put on my Jesus sandals and ran for the shuttle. Marissa was so laggy…. hahaha She comes running up to the shuttle wearing my my Teva’s that are WAAY to big for her and just her bikini! hahaha We drove for about an hour to the town where the boat was. We go on and out to this little island off the coast called Buck Island. We got out and snorkeled there for about an hour or so. My GoPro was being retarded and I couldn’t get it to turn on so sadly I have on pictures of the fish. There were millions of them though, and the water was so crystal clear and blue that you could see them all plain as day. Marissa saw a reef shark that she thought was basically a great white, but the tour guide assured her that she wasn’t in danger and that they weren’t aggressive. I on the other hand, would have shit my pants and said “Get me back to the boat… Like, right now! So I was sort of grateful I didn’t see it, my heart would have sank. We swam on the beach of the island for a while and had a bbq there as well. When we got back to the resort we all showered and went down to the resort bar to have dinner again. We ate there and went swimming again that one last time. Me and Marissa went skinny dipping again and I lost my swimming suit in the ocean, so… I had to walk back to our hotel room but ass naked basically…. with nothing but my t-shirt hiding all my parts haha. What a shit show!

The next day we flew out of St. Croix super early in the morning and had a 12 hour layover in Miami. No one wanted to spend that much time in the airport so we all left and got a hook up with a tour of the Everglades. We drove for about an hour outside of Miami, and took this boat tour. It was actually super fun and I was way excited to do this because I’ve seen people do it on tv and it looks like a blast. There were alligators all over the place but what was funny is that our tour guide said that we were probably safer getting out in that water and walking around with those in there than you would be if you were to walk down South Beach by yourself. Which is kind of sketchy! After we went through the evergaldes we went back to Miami and drove around and just did a tiny bit of sight seeing. And went back to the airport!

Paradise for a few days was just what all of us needed to escape the cold, icy chill that is Utah during January. And now, the next time I’m feeling like my bones just can’t handle the cold nay longer, “I Know A Place” I can go for a little while to warm them back up.

that airport was a frozen tundra
so cold, and so sick of the layover



bum status

I sat here every night listening to the ocean and looking at the stars

Fireworks on the beach



i stick my tongue out way to much i’ve decided

battle scars

he was so hot and had the coolest tattoos

whitney fell asleep like this! she looked so deep in prayer

Gator Bellys

love this booger

she was afraid of her eyelashes blowing off!!!! hahahahah

I loved holding this little guy



all 70 of us!