“Time came a creeping
Oh and time’s a loaded gun
(Every road is a ray of light)
It goes on
Time only can lead you on, still it’s
Such a beautiful night”


Life In Technicolor – Coldplay: Prospekt’s March


Peer pressure has brought me here. And by that, I mean I have been pestered greatly by a great thunder from down under to write another, very long over due blog post updating my life haha  :). Thank you Kylie for making me do this. It has been way too long… But I’m grateful for it because I feel like I need to get back to doing these blog posts when I can. It has been a great deal of time since I’ve sat down and really written one of these. For some reason, I have had no motivation to do them and was seriously contemplating taking my blog down for a while.  But… after much thought and deliberation I’ve decided to keep it going. It might not be updated every few weeks like before, but I will do my ever loving best to try and keep up.

(That’s what she said) hahah

As of late, I haven’t really been up to a whole lot from an outsiders point of view, but internally there has been much at work. I’ve really been trying to change my thought processes and my habits that have been holding me back and break the ones that will never be good for me. I’ve also really been trying to do things that will not only benefit those thought processes, but will also benefit my future as well. Such as planning and preparing, saving and purging things I don’t need to have in my life anymore.

Saving money is something that even to this day, is still a foreign subject, but I am far better than I used to be. I used to frivolously spend every dime of my paychecks as soon as I got them on clothes or anything I felt like buying really. It’s been about 5 years since I used to do that and it’s taken me sometime to realize that clothes really aren’t everything. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE CLOTHES  and I still buy them from time to time, but no where near like I used to. This past month I’ve gone through every single item I own and have literally just purged all of the things I don’t need or use or wear. I’ve also been trying to really plan for my future as far as an education and career go which means that I’ve recently enrolled in a 4 year online program from a school back east to get a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Web design and Media Arts. I wish that I had done this when I was 20 years old, but I didn’t but there is no time like the present right. There is no time like the present to get to where you want to go. I did however receive some good news the other day from my adviser, she said that there were a bunch of credits that transferred from my other schooling and that shaved off almost a full year of school. So, that means 3 straight years of school and I’d be done forever.

I’ve been slowly (but surely) building a new website to showcase all of my photography, artwork, and designs I worked on during school. It’s not fully complete, and I have a lot of things I still need to add and design, but the general feel of the website is there now. If you’d like to check that out you can click the link below. I really want to get it up and running and promoted so that I can eventually make Photography my full time job. Which would also be really nice so I could travel whenever I felt like it.

Denim Jamez Studios

My sister Ashley just got engaged over the weekend and I’m so excited for her to finally be married and start building a family of her own. I’m extra ready to be a Guncle (gay uncle)! Her getting married will change our family dynamic so much but will only bring us closer and my parents will finally be able to say they have grandchildren (once she has a baby of course). Which will be so weird!!! I can’t even picture that, but I can’t wait. I’m hoping that happens right off the bat! haha I’m not the most patient of people.

I have also been going to therapy for the last 5 months to help me get over some addictions I’ve had since I was a little kid, and also to help me heal from heartbreak that I experienced last year that is still hard for me, at times, to deal with. It’s also been really helping me press forward in doing things that are good for me and to help me break the bad habits I’ve had for almost 2 decades. I never thought I would find myself going to therapy in my life, but I actually really enjoy going and I look forward to talking to my therapist because he really does help me sort things out in a way that isn’t complicated, makes perfect sense and pushes me to be better. It’s weird to read back in my journal and see all the progress that I’ve made. I still have a long way to go and a life long issue to deal with, but I feel like I will get there and be able to conquer it just like anything I put my mind too.

I’ve gotten to travel all over the country the last 6 months I went to Disneyland for Halloween (again), Nashville & Memphis during Christmas, and St. Croix & Miami right after the new year. I got to go the Ariana Grande Concert, the Betty Who concert recently. I really got into skiing a year or so ago and I bought all my own stuff so that I could go all season long this last winter. Me & Marissa had a blast doing that! 🙂 I love her to death.

I just got home from LA recently where me, Whitney, Holly & Alyssa got to go to The Ellen Degeneres Show. I have been applying for months and months to get tickets for Whitney’s birthday. I finally got them back in March and I nearly pissed my pants when I got the email confirming that we had 4 guaranteed tickets! We just went for a few days, but we got more than we bargained for when we got to the show. I’ll write about the show in another post, but we basically won another trip to Las Vegas, a free 3 day-2 night stay in the Hard Rock Hotel, tickets to Magic Mike Live (can’t bloody wait for that!), and we all won a 55 inch flat screen TV! The story of getting those puppies home is quite interesting! You can read all about our to trip to Ellen here. 

As I sit here and write about where life has taken me this last year, I can’t help but be in awe from where I was and I almost feel like I have to retract my statement of saying “I haven’t been up to a whole lot” because that is in fact not true. AT ALL! I have an amazing life and I get reminded of that all the time and especially when I write it all out. This time last year, I was heartbroken, no goals, unemployed, zero money saved, not in school, and no closer to doing anything with my life. That has all changed in just a matter of 365-ish days. #Progress

Life, though hard at times (aka the morning hours when I feel like a zombie and during work), really is good, in fact, it’s great and it’s full of amazing things and amazing people. I have a super close family, incredible friends, a good job, delicious food to eat, and nice things to make my days enjoyable. I’m perfectly healthy (although I eat enough junk to give me coronary artery disease). I laugh everyday and I have 10 million reasons to be so thankful and humble. It’s those things I remind myself of when I feel like a hot steaming pile of dog dump!

So… What’s the ext stop you may be wondering… Well… if you must know, I’m going San Francisco in June for Gay Pride with my friend Kyle and to see Betty Who again! 🙂 But until then… It’s work and school 🙁

You’ll always find a reason to think your life is terrible if you look hard enough but I’ve discovered that same goes for the good. It takes just as much effort to be miserable as it does to be happy and full of vibrant color. Anyone can live a Life In Technicolor, or one that is gray and dull but you have to decide what you want and choose it.

The choice is yours!

Here are some pictures of random things I’ve was up to besides traveling during these past few months


Whit’s sister’s wedding! 🙂
shoveling mountains of snow on christmas morning!

Skiing with bae

New years!! 🙂

Murder mystery escape room!! 🙂 Crushed it! 25 seconds to spare

Twitter bugs 37th birthday!
the zoo with these animals

setting up my sisters engagement and taking pictures from the bushes!!!