I like to think that eating green apples is one of my families favorite past-times. Not only are they delicious, but to us, they have a much more sentimental meaning other that just filling our stomachs.  My cousins and I would have countless sleepovers at my grandparents house during the summer.  In the morning, we would wake up and my grandparents would make us breakfast and as soon as that was over, it was swim suits on, and then straight out back to swim.  We would be in the pool for hours at a time and when we were tired of that, we’d go climb in my grandpas apple trees.  We’d all climb in a different tree and see who could get up the highest and find the biggest apple.  My poor cousin Zack, being the youngest of us, would always find the biggest one.. that just so happened to have a giant worm hole in it! Sucker!  After we all found the apple of our choice, we would sit and shine them until we almost rubbed the skin off.  We’d have competitions to see who’s apple was the shiniest… And naturally, I won every time! When my parents came to pick us up, they would all go out in the backyard and make us climb up the trees and gather sacks full of apples to take home.  Those bags of apples never lasted very long.

Now that we are all older we haven’t done anything like this for a quite sometime.  It saddens me to think that those childhood days of eating countless apples, throwing the core in the neighbors yards, swimming all day, and climbing trees are over.  But… those memories of that will live on in my mind forever.








Little Green Apples – Robbie Williams (feat. Kelly Clarkson)