“When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad
I simply remember My Favorite Things and then I don’t feel so bad.”


My Favorite Things – Kelly Clarkson: Wrapped In Red


Nashville, Tennessee

When we left for home from Disneyland and California I was sad because the only vacation that I had to look forward too was January. I had gotten super used to going somewhere every month that January felt like light years away. But if we fast forward a little bit to December I came home from work one Friday and there was a book sitting on my treasure chest. It was Kelly Clarkson’s book that she wrote and there was a note that came with it. I was super confused when I saw it because I knew it wasn’t there when I left for work that morning. I’ve posted the video of me reacting to all of that. below.

Whitney had surprised me with tickets to go see Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas concert in Nashville. She hosts a giant concert full of Christmas music and invites lots of other artists to come and sing and all of the proceeds go charity. I had been watching her Snapchat story of her filming all the rehearsals, feeling so sad that I wasn’t going to be there. I love her Christmas album so much and I’ve always felt kind of disappointed that I wasn’t ever going to hear her sing those songs live. If there is a trio of things I love more than Christmas time, Christmas Music, and Kelly Clarkson, I’d be hard pressed to find them. Like… I could just take my soaking wet panties off thinking about all three of them together right now. (Yes, I’m listening to Christmas music while typing all of this up.)

After I busted ass to get stuff shoved into my book bag (I’m not a light packer), we headed for the airport where we were greeted by Holly and Alyssa. I had no idea they were coming at all so when I saw them I lost it. That video is below as well. 🙂

Once we got on the plane we flew to Vegas and stayed there for the night. We flew out the next morning and made it to Nashville around 2-3 in the afternoon. When we got to our hotel we checked in and the coolest, unplanned thing happened. He handed us our room keys and said “You’ll be staying in room 912” Which just so happens to be tattooed right underneath my collar bone. When we got to the room and saw the numbers on the door I just shook my head in awe! Like, what are the odds that he would give us that room? I asked Whitney repeatedly if she planned that, but she said that she didn’t over and over again, but it was still so cool 🙂

We ordered room service later that night and then headed to the concert. The show started with the band playing the coolest rock’n roll version of Carol of the Bells, and then she came out! I was screaming so hard I’m surprised my vocal chords didn’t rip open. She sang basically all of her Christmas album and there were so many other artists there. Reba McEntire, Raelyn, Kelsie Ballerini, Ronnie Dunn, Hunter Hayes, and various others I didn’t really know all that well. The show was so amazing!! Ugh… I could literally go off about it. I love her so much it hurts to think to hard about it!

The next day I got this bee in my bonnet to find where she lives. So I googled her address and we drove about 30 minutes to a city called Hendersonville. She lives in the most plane-jane neighborhood. I mean, don’t get me wrong, her house is absolutely enormous, but it’s not in a gated community, she has normal neighbors, and you can drive right up to her house like anybody else. I was basically losing my mind!! It was the most bizarre thing to be standing in her front yard where she plays with her kids, get’s into her car, get’s her mail, and spend all of her time when she’s not working. I couldn’t keep it together!!!! I’ve watched so many videos she posts on Facebook where she sings in her foyer and I was mere feet from those spots. All of us were just in awe of where we were! Except Holly who felt like we were basically breaking and entering so she stayed quite far away.

Later that night we drove to the ENORMOUSLY GIGANTIC mall call the Gayelord Opryland. It’s as big as Disneyland I kid you not. They literally have 7-8 kiosks inside with maps so you can find your way around. There is an actual river tour inside of it if that gives you and idea of just big it is. We walked around for hours looking at all the shops and ended up seeing “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” play. It was nothing like that movie at all and we were all so disappointed int. The lady that was selling the tickets told us it’s incredible and sold out every night. That bitch lied out of her ass! There were seats for days when we say down and it was anything but incredible hahaha! It makes for a good laugh now though.

We were supposed to fly home the next afternoon out of Memphis, so we got in the car and drove a few hours there. Only to found out our flight home and been canceled due to bad weather in Colorado (where our layover was). We were all panicking because we had work on Monday and didn’t want to pay for a different flight home or miss Christmas. To make a really long story short we booked a different flight for a small fee but it didn’t fly out till Tuesday (it was Sunday). There was nothing we could do really at that point so we pulled some strings with Alyssa’s sister to get a free hotel stay with her father in-law’s points with Best Western. The hotel was being a royal douche about everything and I had to get on the phone with their customer service people and basically pretend to be this guy and I changed all of his information on his account to make it so that we could get in! hahaha It was WAYYY sketchy now that I think about it. We were desperate so I did what I had too. I felt like I was stealing someones identity!

We didn’t really plan on being in Memphis so we looked up somethings to do. We drove to this place called “Starry Nights” which is a tour you take in your car and drive through looking at the Christmas lights and what not. It sucked! If you’ve ever been to temple square or Christmas village in Utah, you would have expected it to be a lot more than what it was! So far, Memphis wasn’t anything to write home about! We did see an amazing movie one night called Miss Sloane though, that was incredible and everyone loved that! We ate a few good restaurants and watched Christmas movies in the hotel at night. We tried to make the most of the holiday season while we were there!

That was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received and I will never in my life forget how much fun I had during my time there. Rest assure, I will be there again next year! I have to be!

Kelly Clarkson, Christmas, and great friends are just a few of My Favorite Things!

in awe of what just happened to me!

hugging Whitney in utter disbelief of her gift
“Oh Martha, Oh Chrithmas”

rainbow in las vegas

getting on the plane to nashville

For H-Town. R.I.P Bane
reading kelly’s book! Alyssa was so into it! I lwas hanging on every word

I really don’t remember what i was reading… but i was probably watching a video of audrey
globe trotters
Whitney squoze my hand so tight during the turbulence she left these dents in my skin

Whitney and I had this obsession with this pool game on our phone that you’d play through text. We were waiting for the douche bag rental car representative to get his shit together. So i figured it was good time to line up some decent shots for the win. 🙂
the room of rooms
like….. literally what are the odds?
family dinner before being Wrapped In Red hahahha

i was pissing my pants
i wish the lighting was better….

i love miranda lambert so much!!!!!!
She’s a queen!!!!


damnit reba….. i love you too!!! don’t know who the other lady is… Some no name! hahah


we woke up and watched the grinch in bed. alyssa was in her precious christmas jammies

We ate brunch at this delicious restaurant in downtown Nashville called Monells. You sit at table with complete strangers and pass around food just like you would at family dinner. you aren’t allowed to have your phones out at all and it was so nice to talk to everyone and see where everyone was from. we were all obsessed with the environment and the food!
our precious nugget rental car

I’ve since read that Kelly actually sold her house for 9 million dollars!!! which i was devastated by… I wanted to go there again next year. 🙁 but i’m grateful that I got to go there before she moved 🙁 even though i didn’t get to go inside and have lunch with her. But that day will come.

I didn’t take my camera with me on this trip to do blog post pics because I literally had like 5 minutes to pack… and I had no room for it.. so Whitney was going to take some on her phone and alyssa started laughing at me…. so I naturally started laughing because her laugh is so contagious.
pure happiness

She literally gets her mail out of that… like… right there!!!!!!!!

I don’t remember taking this at all… but I am obsessed with pensive picture

hahah this play…….. just wasn’t great.

they had this really weird blood red cow hide on the wall in the elevators in our hotel… hahaha

this is just 1 of the 10 or say giant rooms in the Opryland mall.. pictures do NOT do it justice. there are at leas 10 stories of hotel rooms the line each room of the mall. I kid you not when i say it’s bigger than Disneyland

watching home alone in the hotel
This is a completely different Monells that we ate breakfast at! Still just as delicious. Still just as amazing!


She tried real hard…. but I would win everytime! little skeeze never played me back in checkers cause she knew she was going to lose. SMH

Loved Tennessee…. but no one does Christmas lights quite like Utah.

trying to make light of the fact that our flight got canceled… hahah and we just watched home alone anyways
“paint me like one of you french girls”

we finally got alyssa to play pool with us…. but she wasn’t all that into it! hahahah

It was FREEEZING cold in Memphis. It was probably 70 degrees in Nashville when we were there.. But then they got this storm or something that came in. And the humidity there makes it 32 degrees feel like -10. No of us were prepared for that. Like…. my bones were literally solid ice! this is alyssa trying to keep warm while we were walking to our terminal! I love this picture so much it hurts! hahahahah

I was sitting in the audience when she sang this glorious song. If you want to hear just how amazing she is… Just click play! Like…. Her voice… HER VOICE!!!!!! I would lay lie my life down for her!!!! God give me strength!