“If you can start a party anywhere you are, hey
You don’t care who’s watching, you just let go
Like everyday’s your birthday, even if it’s Monday
You’re not afraid to let your true colors show
You’re My Kinda People


My Kinda People – Lauren Alaina: Road Less Traveled


Back in October, a group of friends and I went to Disneyland (yet again) and we also went to Universal Studios to go to Harry Potter world. I re-read all of the books in the fall and watched all the movies probably a million times during that time and so I was basically geeking out. I could have cared less to go to Disneyland again, but I do like going for Mickey’s Halloween party. A few of us gathered together and did this whole “Alice In Wonderland” theme and that made things easy for me because I already had a full Mad Hatter costume ready to go whenever I need it! It’s such a pain in the ass to wear because there are so many parts that go with it. 🙂 But it did make for a fun night having everyone stop and ask to take pictures with us!

A few people flew out a day or so early so they could make the most of their season passes. I was not one of them. I like Disneyland and all, but I could go once every 10 years, and be just fine. I was excited to go this time for Mickey’s Halloween party. It’s been so long ago that I can’t really remember everything that happened on that trip, but I remember getting ready for the party though.. that took a good while! Whitney and I really go all out for Halloween. We love to replicate our costumes exactly! Once everyone got all dressed it was time to head to the park. My costume was pretty elaborate and kind of a pain, so I wasn’t really wanting to ride very many rides. Once we were inside the park we did ride a few things, but we mostly just chilled on main street, ate some food, and watched all the Halloween parades. After being in a crowd of people in a costume like that, I was over it and ready to go back to the hotel and scrub it all off. Which is exactly what I did! hahah

The next day it was a mostly just riding rides, seeing shows, eating food, a lot of standing in line, and just being with everyone. I truly do love watching World of Color. That never get’s old. I have however had my fill of Disneyland! So I won’t be going again for a while. Like…. a great WHILE!!!!

The day we went to universal was truly a great day! That’s the only part of the trip I was truly looking forward too. I am obsessed with anything that has to do with Harry Potter, like… OBSESSED!! I even bought a Harry Potter t-shirt before we left so that I could wear it while we were at the park. Universal Studios did an amazing job at replicating everything from the movies so perfectly! It was actually so weird to see it in real life because it looks IDENTICAL to the movies. They have a few rides there but they aren’t that great when it comes to thrill rides. But it’s all part of the HP experience! I few of us bought wands and went around to all the different sections of the park and did the interactive spells with them! We looked absolutely ridiculous but it was so much fun and we were literally laughing our heads off at how stupid we felt! I’d go back there and do that in a second. I was dying of laughter!!! Harry Potter World is rather small compared to most theme parks so you can get the gist of the whole thing in just a short period of time. But any true fan could spend all day looking and appreciating all the details they put into it.

We went to Venice Beach one of the days and played on the beach and went to a few of the shops along the boardwalk to find some souvenirs and such! Our flight left later that night and so we didn’t have a ton of time to do anything spectacular so we just spent it at the beach and bumming around. Sometimes those are my favorite parts of the vacation. Where we can just be, we can relax and just do whatever we want.

I love traveling so much and people who don’t perplex me,  they just… aren’t My Kinda People. That’s what makes these peeps so great. That trip was really fun because there were so many of us! Who knows when the next time will be that big of a group of people that travel all together?

Oh wait… I only have to wait a few months until January when I went to St. Croix. 🙂

We waited for the rental car for literally two hours!!! We wanted to murder someone!

Getting ready for the party! that bathroom was SUCH a mess after

“Oh whitney you’re actually a lot lighter than you look” hahahahahaha yes…. he legit said that to her! SMH

Russel Rascal

sunlight shall not touch me

tool bags with wands!! hahahah


this picture kills me.. overtime i look at it!

i was so hot

we looked so stupid!!! ahaha




this is one of the pictures i submitted to ellen a million times to get tickets!


we all hate these pictures but they make me laugh!!!!

i see you Joanne

hahah alyssa!!!!! i love you so much it hurts!!!!
i would legit cut off a few of my fingers and toes to be accepted to Hogwarts!
My Kinda People