Blue, blue, blue & more blue.  I love anything blue.  This monochromatic look was inspired by the shoes themselves.  I mean… look at them! I got them at 21 Men.  They were such a great price and great find i might add.  You can dress them up for work, or dress them down for a great dinner evening look.  What gives this look a fresh perspective is the baseball shirt.  Who would have thought that oxfords and baseball would ever go together.   Shirt: Cotton On Chinos: Cotton On. Similar Here Shoes: 21 Men. Similar Here Sunglasses: eBay All photography


If you’re going for that “I write poetry all day long” look… you can’t go wrong with a fedora. Sadly i don’t live in California but if i did, chances are I would be doing anything but writing poetry. But, sadly I don’t. :(. Maybe one day! I loved this shirt that i got from forever 21’s line for men 21 Men.  I’ve worn it probably 3 or 4 times in 3 or 4 different ways.  It’s so versatile. But this by far was my favorite ensemble.  In all reality though.. you can do pretty much anything with a white


Anything with a pop of red is A-Okay in my book.  I found this hat at H&M.. for $5.  You can’t beat that! Most flat brim hats will cost you anywhere from $15-25.  Depending on where you go.  I’ve recently been on a flat brim kick.. i just throw on what I’d wear normally and add the hat accordingly.  It’s so easy for men and women to get that effortless look that makes the statement “I couldn’t care less what i look like, but i still wanna look great”.  Anyone, anywhere can do this.  Don’t use the excuse “I don’t


I’ve been wearing these jean everyday since i bought them… (gross.. i know). I just can’t get enough of them. From the comfort, the wash, feel, style, EVERYTHING.  They were a great find.  Paired them with a blazer for a more dressed up evening approach.  But it’s spring and no need to be fussy, so i rolled them up and paired them with what i call my “orphan shoes”.  Just to dress it down a little.  Shirt: 21 Men Blazer: H&M Jeans: H&M Shoes: 21 Men Sunglasses: eBay All photography done by: Capture My Soul Photography


I first got this album back in October.  It blew me away.  She is an incredible singer/songwriter from the U.S. I LOVE music more than the average human being, but i am rarely blown away by an ENTIRE album. This one did that for sure. FAVORITES LIGHTHOUSE SUPERSTARS UNFKD TELL ME TOMORROW IT PLAYS ON PREVIEW THE WHOLE ALBUM:  HERE