“Sometimes that mountain you’ve been climbing
Is just a grain of sand
And what you’ve been out there searching for forever
Is in your hands
And then you figure out love is all that matters after all
It sure makes everything else
Oh, it sure makes everything else seem
So Small

So Small – Carrie Underwood: Carnival Ride

         Life has been very good lately! I really can’t complain. Sure… I have things that aren’t fun to deal with on a day to day basis… but for the most part it’s been smooth sailing since my last post. I’ve been traveling, going to school, going to work, enjoying time with family and friends, and relishing in all types of summer activities even though it so damn hot. August is gonna be a trip though… literally! The first weekend I will be in St. George hiking Angels landing with friends. My sister is getting married that very next Saturday on the 12th. A few days after that I fly to Chicago to see Bruno Mars in concert with Whitney and her sister Tracie. (Whitney bought me that for my birthday that little sweety nugget pie, I could just kiss her!) One day after I arrive back from Chicago, my family and I are going to Sacramento California for a second wedding reception there. And I’m still in the process of planning a camping/river trip at the end of that month for the final weekend . And I still have work and school in an amongst all of that. I might die… but I can’t wait for all of it at the same time.
        I just got home from Moab a few days ago and we went down there for a little weekend getaway for my birthday! We drove down right after work on Friday night and made it there around midnight. I got pulled over on the way down there… 🙁 Luckily the officer was very nice and only gave me a warning. I was going a little fast, but I was keeping up with the flow of traffic, but of course because my car is black, he pulls me over… (Eye roll)

        Once we got there we decided that the next day we were just gonna sleep in, get some breakfast at the hotel, sit pool side and relax as much as possible. And that is exactly what we did. It’s as hot as Satan’s scrotum down there this time of year and not being near a pool or some sort of body of water is basically like a slow, stifling suicide. We swam in the pool, basked in the sun (I think I completely emptied 1 of 2 bottles bottles of sunscreen on my body in just 1 afternoon and I have NOOO shame in it!) After we had enough of the sun and the heat we all went back to the room and napped and watched Paranormal Activity. We went on a drive later that evening to this look out point that overlooked an enormous canyon and let you get an incredible view of the surrounding environment. We stood up there just gazing out over the horizon at the red cliffs that stretched out for miles and miles! The sun was setting in the west, painting the sky with a rich orange glow through the white clouds, and over in the east there was this gorgeous yellow moon as full and vibrant as I’ve ever seen. I only got one picture of it.. but it’s a really good one this time. We took thousands of pictures and just messed around on the edge of this cliff for a while. A few of us sat on the edge for a while and just stared directly at the moon in all it’s glory. We also did this thing called a Spirit Animal Quest. It sounds kind of weird but it was actually really really cool. Heather made the few us that participated close our eyes and she began to speak in this super calm and quiet tone of voice. She told us to visualize ourselves in the story she proceeded in telling us. She went through this whole story and scenario and basically had us all in a trance on the edge of this cliff, eyes closed, peaceful as can be, under this full moon, a light warm breeze, listening and following her voice. The process is to get your spirit animal to reveal itself to you. I know it sounds odd and I was sort of skeptical when we started, but I just let go of everything and there it was after it was all over. During the process this giant crisp white Polar Bear revealed itself to me. Now…. I know, it sounds so weird and so odd… but I am being dead set serious when I tell you what I saw. It was crazy!! It was amazing at the same time and I’m obsessed with it. Whitney saw a Black Bear and ironically enough, Alyssa saw a Polar Bear just like me, but hers had blue eye. I could go off about how much I loved that experience but I’m gonna hold it in my heart instead. Before heading back to the car I made them all listen to a song called “I Wish I Was The Moon” by Neko Case while staring out over the cliff at this full orange moon. I think Heather and I were the only ones who were into that part of it… but IDGAF about everyone else in that moment.
        After we left the lookout point, we went and got some food at this little pasta joint in town called Pasta Jays. haha I kept calling it Pasta “Gays” cause their logo looked like a giant G instead of a J. So naturally I felt right at home hahah! It was actually one of the best little Italian places I’ve ever eaten at. Heather and I shared Margarita Pizza while everyone else got these incredible pasta dishes. Everyone loved it so much we actually ate there for lunch the next day before we drove back home. We were gonna go see this bluegrass concert after dinner but we didn’t really know how to get there because the venue’s address wasn’t listed very well and everyone was exhausted anyways.

        Early the next morning we begrudgingly woke up early and ate some breakfast and set out to hike to Delicate Arch. It’s probably one of the most famous landmarks in Utah….  Yup, lived here my whole life and have never seen it. Idiot.

        The hike is only about 3 miles round trip but there is a fairly steep rock face to hike up in order to get there. And like I said before… the temperature wasn’t messing around. It was only 8:30 in the morning and already 93°. Thank the lord it was a dry heat!! Add humidity to that and I would have been like “Nah, I’ll just google picture of it and Photoshop myself in there!” hahah It was still pretty hot but it was bearable. The arch is huge and it’s so incredible to see in real life because there is nothing around it and you just wonder how on earth it got there like that. I could have stared it all day if wasn’t for the damn heat and sun beating down on me. Once we got all our pictures taken we headed back down to go back to the hotel, gather up our junk, and hit the road. All showered and ready to go we stopped to eat at Pasta “Gays” again and carb loaded the shit out ourselves after our bikrum hike. We were all so lethargic after that so it was a good thing our drive home was only 4 hours. I couldn’t have done it if it was any longer than that.
        I love traveling and it doesn’t even have to be some super fancy, lengthy, expensive excursion. As long as I get to go somewhere I’ve never been and get to do something I’ve never done, I’m happy as a clam. It’s trips like this that make life worth living for. They remind me that there is so much out there to see and you don’t have to go very far to experience something incredible.

        Like I said before, life is truly amazing and has been for the past little while for me. And I have to attribute that to many people because life wouldn’t be worth living for without the influence, advice, and kindness I receive from those around me. From friends and family and so on, I have support and love from every angle in life and that’s all anyone in this world really wants at the end of the day. Each person in my life teaches me great lessons and pushes me to be a better person and helps me make the best choices for myself. It’s because of that advice, love, and support that I’m making the better choices every day.

        The choices and decision you make every day are like grains of sand… incredibly small, seemingly insignificant, and easily overlooked. Add them all together and look at just take a good hard glance at what you end up with. You could have a giant hot mess full of garbage, clutter, stress, and regret that will you take you forever to clean up, change, or put backtogether because of the lack of care you have. Or… you could have a beautiful garden full of luscious, vibrant, and colorful flowers to stare at, goal posts that are within reach,  and admire because you tend to it daily.
        Each grain of sand by itself really is seemingly insignificant but each one plays a vital role in creating the rolling sand hills of a vast desert. If you compact enough of them all together, you get immense landscapes that spread out for hundreds and hundreds of miles creating views that make your jaw drop, take you breath away, and render you utterly speechless. When you think of those tiny little pebbles in that sense, they no longer seem “So Small” now do they?

        Standing on the edge of these cliffs, peering out over the vast canyons and rock faces, and visiting Delicate Arch made me feel like there was nothing I couldn’t do and made everything I worry and stress over on a daily basis seem “So Small” and petty. It puts a lot of things in perspective and helps you see the bigger picture of life. It helps ground me in where I’m currently at, where I’m going, and where I ultimately want to be.

always on that phone…
Alyssa…. that pose! hahahah KILLS me
hahah i look like i’m holding her hostage and she would rather just jump off the cliff hahahah
see the phone…. see it!!!
“Come down sweet child… momma will hold you”
Pasta gays – heathers face kills me
this angel
here comes the moon
Heather; “Whit, will you paint me like one of your french girls?” Whit: “Nah i’m over it…”
delicate babies…. where the H is HD?
Sashaying for my life! hahahah
Karate Fruit Ninja
look how small the people are compared to the arch.
Marissa: This is dumb, I look so stupid!” hahahahah
My precious honey bunches of oats! 🙂
Check that full moon!!
the rock looks exactly like a dick.. hahahahaha liike EXACTLY!!!!!! hahaha
we thirsty
not posed at all!! hahaha or fake in any way!