“I’m gonna Soak Up The Sun
I’m gonna tell everyone
To lighten up”


Soak Up The Sun – Sheryl Crow: C’mon C’mon


Ellen/Los Angeles

After Whitney Surprised me with a trip to Nashville (which was so incredibly thoughtful), I had to give back! So, starting in December, I tried my damnedest to get tickets to the Ellen show for her. She has only said she wanted to go to that show about 10 million or so times. I applied literally every single day for almost 4 or so months. On March 17th, I got a glorious email that said “Congratulations, You have been granted 4 Guaranteed Tickets to the Ellen DeGeneres show on May 4th. I literally almost screamed so loud but I was at work when I got it, so I held it together, but only just barely. I let Holly and Alyssa know almost immediately because they were part of the whole birthday surprise.  We booked, flights, hotel, and rental car soon after only to receive an email a few weeks later stating that the show’s taping on May 4th was canceled. I was so devastated…. We had already booked everything. So I emailed the audience coordinator, Elyse, back and said “Is there any way you could get us in another day, these tickets were for a friends birthday and I’ve been trying so hard for literally months to get these ticket. Is there any strings you can pull to get us in?” She emailed me back the next morning and said, “Can you make May 3rd work?” I was so relieved, I emailed her right back and said “of course” and literally thanked her in an excessive amount! Fixing the flights was kind of a bitch, I called Delta and bitched out this lady that was trying to charge me $400 + to get our flights moved 1 day into the future. Long story short, I talked to a supervisor at delta and got all the flights moved around for $87 each… Which was way better than $230 per flight. I was going to cry if I had to pay that much.

May 1st (Whitney’s Birthday) came and it was time to setup the surprise. I had printed a bunch of stuff out at work to decorate Whitney’s house and made arrangement with my sister to set it all up while we were at her birthday dinner in Salt Lake.  We went back to Whitney’s parents house to hot tub and told her I needed to meet this guy in Farming ton to sell him my camera. So we drove back to her house and there she was greeted by a big banner on her garage. The video of that is below.

It came time to leave and we flew to LA, got our rental car and got some lunch at this cute and super tiny cafe place. We couldn’t check into our hotel until 3 but we had to be in Burbank at 1:30pm to start the show prep stuff. So we went to a local target and change our clothes and freshened up. Once we got to Burbank we waiting outside at the Warner Brothers Studios. They informed us how the show works, who was going to be there, and we had to go through security like 3 times. at about 2:45 walked across the street to the studio. We went through security again, and got to shop around in Ellen’s shop. I bought underwear, a shirt and some Ellen socks. I wanted to buy everything but it was all quite pricey. We were in there for about 45 minutes and then they told us we were headed in. We walked around this corner, up some stairs and there we were. It was the WEIRDEST thing to see a place in real life that you’ve only ever seen through a TV screen. It never felt real the entire time we were there! I couldn’t get used it at all! I had been trying so hard to get us there for months, and to be actually sitting there was soooo surreal.

The show began and we were all clapping, dancing, screaming and in complete awe of what we were actually doing. Matt Laur from the Today show and presidential expert Macey were the guests on our show. Holy about shat her pants when she found out that Macey was our guest. Her and Alyssa are OBSESSED with her! She is actually so adorable and hilarious! She’s this little girl that is obsessed with the presidents of the united states and knows anything and everything about every single on of them.

They told us at the beginning of the show that we were actually going to be filming a full episode and half of another one. As well as segment for the Today Show. The half episode portion that we were filming was for the Cinco De Mayo episode and they played all sorts of games during that segment and she gave the entire audience a 55″ TV! We were screaming, jumping up in down, in shock, laughing, in awe, and so happy. Then for the full episode that we filmed she gave the entire audience a free trip to Las Vegas, a 3 day-2 night stay at the Hard Rock hotel and two tickets to Magic Mike (it’s basically like Thunder Down Under). It was so amazing. We filmed for about 2 hours and after the show was over, we filled out all this paper work to get our prizes and such. And then it took us another 2 hours after that to get out TV’s. People didn’t expect to win anything and drove all these little cars to the show and had the damndest time trying to get them in their cars! hahaha Luckily we had a big van so had no problem.

We ran into Elyse on the way out of the show and we took a picture with her and I thanked her repeatedly over and over again and she was the sweetest girl. I love her! She actually ended up helping us get out TV’s in the van.

We drove the get some dinner and made our way back to our hotel. We didn’t want to leave our TV’s in the van over night so we carried them into the hotel. After our fiasco in St. Louis I just didn’t feel comfortable leaving them out there. Plus, apparently our hotel was in the ghetto, so i thought it would be smart to keep them in safe(r) place. We looked so ridiculous carrying those TV’s up the stairs into our hotel, we looked like we had just robbed a Best Buy. Everyone was staring at us! hahaha

To make a VERY long story short we had no idea how to get the TV’s home. We didn’t want to take them to the airport at all cause that would have just been too much to deal with. We tried getting in store credit at target, we took them to the UPS store, and finally ended up just shipping them home with FedEx. Holly and Alyssa ended up giving theirs away to a girl that we met up with in LA. Alyssa’s sister in law had told her that she was such a good persona and that she was going through some hard times. Basically we spent al day trying to figure out how to get those home! Once we had gotten rid of them it was bout 5 in the afternoon. We went to the Hollywood walk of fame, did a little shopping and sight seeing. We drove to Voodoo donuts and got a box of those and also went the the Santa Monica pier at night! I’d never been there and wanted to go really bad. The view of the coast was so beautiful with the dark black water with all the city light shining on it!

We flew home the next morning and mad it home at about 4 in the afternoon! I still can’t believe it’s over and that it actually happened. We got way more than we bargained for and it made all those day of applying, flight changes and stresses soooo worth it!

Holly Berry

I couldn’t believe we were there!

I don’t even know what we are laughing at… but it was funny!

We all bought so much stuff.



the studio

Oscar selfie
This is Elyse! I love her! She basically is the sole reason we got to go to the show and win all of the things that we did! She is an angel!
she scared the shit out of matt laur, and it scared the shit out of all of us. she didn’t tell us anything was happening. hahah

We were trying to get these up the stairs and into our room so that no one would steal them. Whitney hated me bcause she was so tired and wanted to just leave them in the car, in the middle of the ghetto!!! But holly go the tv stuck around this corner and her pants were falling off!! Ahaha it was killing me!!!!!

I love harry potter

those pikachu pajamas!!!!
Drove around all of Los Angeles trying to figure out how to get these puppies.

this place is delicious

Santa Monica Pier! 🙂 everyone hated me cause it was cold! but I really wanted to go!!!!

this guy….. reeked so bad!!!!!! I almost gagged

she hated us for making her do this! hahahahahah

trying to take them back to target!… that didn’t work.

Love these people soo soo much!

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