“You’re the Northern Wind Sending shivers down my spine You’re like fallen leaves In an autumn night You’re the lullaby That’s singing me to sleep You are the other half You’re like a missing piece Oh my love Oh my love Oh my love You don’t know What you do to me” SONG NORTHERN WIND – CITY & COLOUR: LITTLE HELL   I wrote post called Waves a little while ago about a trip to San Jose I took with Whitney to see BeyoncĂ© and I said in that post “This is part 1 of 2 posts having to do


I’m a die hard “shower before bed” kind of person, and I can’t fall asleep for the night if I feel like the whole day is still all over me. So, last week I got up and got in because I couldn’t fall asleep and I had all the lights off and I just stood in there for what felt like forever, and I was just working out all of my thoughts with shower and song. My music was playing and a song came on that I haven’t heard in a great and long minute. As I sat and listened to