“Time came a creeping Oh and time’s a loaded gun (Every road is a ray of light) It goes on Time only can lead you on, still it’s Such a beautiful night” SONG Life In Technicolor – Coldplay: Prospekt’s March   Peer pressure has brought me here. And by that, I mean I have been pestered greatly by a great thunder from down under to write another, very long over due blog post updating my life haha  :). Thank you Kylie for making me do this. It has been way too long… But I’m grateful for it because I feel


“When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad I simply remember My Favorite Things and then I don’t feel so bad.” SONG My Favorite Things – Kelly Clarkson: Wrapped In Red Nashville, Tennessee When we left for home from Disneyland and California I was sad because the only vacation that I had to look forward too was January. I had gotten super used to going somewhere every month that January felt like light years away. But if we fast forward a little bit to December I came home from work one Friday and there was a


“You’re the Northern Wind Sending shivers down my spine You’re like fallen leaves In an autumn night You’re the lullaby That’s singing me to sleep You are the other half You’re like a missing piece Oh my love Oh my love Oh my love You don’t know What you do to me” SONG NORTHERN WIND – CITY & COLOUR: LITTLE HELL   I wrote post called Waves a little while ago about a trip to San Jose I took with Whitney to see Beyoncé and I said in that post “This is part 1 of 2 posts having to do


“You see me in hindsight Tangled up with you all night Burning it down Someday when you leave me I bet these memories Follow you around Say you’ll see me again Even if it’s just in your Wildest Dreams“ SONG  Wildest Dreams (R3hab Remix) – Taylor Swift Day 3 Read here for Days 1 & 2  Day 3 consisted of a lot of walking, a lot of sunshine 🙁 and a lot of fun! Everyone who decided to go “balls to the wall” woke up early and went to the park promptly at 7:45, I on the other hand, did


“I’ll be cool with it, done with it You’re never on my mind Til I feel the heat of you and me; it hits me every summer Remember when no one else could make me feel alive? We were young and free, 17, just California Lovers“ SONG California Lovers – Tori Kelly **I used to think this song was just “Eh”, I’m now obsessed… Don’t care for LL Cool J though, he can go** Day 1 Well peeps… We did it again! Another vacation in the history books! Yes we went to Disneyland… yet again, but it was indeed for


Well… Disneyland had officially come to a close and it was time for us to head on down to San Diego. Our flight home was leaving from there so we figured that we’d make the day of it and drive down and spend some time at the beach and just have a day to relax and enjoy each other’s company. We woke up that morning and packed all of our stuff. This time everyone got put in their own stuff in their own bags… and in a much calmer manner than before. hahah We hit up Denny’s (The American Institution) for


Now that I’m home from my trip its hard for me to keep all the days straight in my head as far was what went on each day. On one of the days that we were there we didn’t want to just sit at the house anymore so we got on the shuttle and drove to this Ecological Preserve that was just a few miles down the road, however it took us nearly an hour to get there because the shuttle takes for damn ever to get you anywhere. Once we got there, and paid for our wrist bands, we


‘Tis 12:06 p.m. while I’m typing all of this up, and what a few days it has been! Let just start by saying that the house that we are staying in is GORGEOUS! It’s set up so majority of the house is out doors and open to the elements. The only doors are to the bedrooms and bathrooms. Everything else is pretty exposed and you could can just walk in anywhere. It seems unsafe, but we are on the this super exclusive resort, which is gated off and only allows in people who are staying here. As far as I