I was at the store the other day and I as I was walking out there was an interracial couple that walks in, now I thought nothing of this, in fact I remember perceiving that they both looked happy as the held hands and stood close to each other just enjoying being by each others side.  As I continued walking I overheard a group of girls behind me snickering and saying some rather rude comments about the couple.  Things such as “Why would that guy date a black girl” or “Why wouldn’t you want to date someone of a different race”.  I turned around and knowing me I probably scuzzed them off, shook my head and didn’t give two types of shits what they thought about that.  Now, the reason that I’m writing about his is because I’ve been guilty of talking about people and probably saying things that I shouldn’t (as we all have).

Well… this experience really put it into perspective that some of the things that people say, wether it be me or someone else, can be extremely disrespectful and rude.  I got in my car and couldn’t rid myself of the horrid taste in my mouth about what I had just overheard.  I was so heated by the time I got home, I just couldn’t quit thinking about it.

I think the reason that it bothered me so bad is because I have a tendency to judge to quickly, mostly by the way someone or something looks.  I’m just a very visual person, and if something isn’t pleasing to my eye right of the bat I immediately say that it’s “ugly”. Am I alone in this? I sure hope not, but I do hope that anything that I’ve ever said out loud was not over heard by someone and left them thinking horrible things about me.  Unfortunately I’m not sure if I will ever know this, but I know that I can make sure that it doesn’t happen in the future.

I just so happen to be gay, so this kind of thing is going to, at some point in time, happen to me. When I walk hand in hand with another guy down the street.  When he decide that we want to soak up the moment and kiss each other while others are around.  What is going to be said about me or the person i choose to marry one day?  What kinds of things am I going to have defend myself against?  What poor person is going to over hear others saying deplorable comments about me?

Now, I’m a strong enough person to ignore these types of comments, and to be honest I’ve been doing it my entire life, so I’ve grown quite a thick skin, but what about those who haven’t?  What happens to them when they hear things under their breathe that makes them feel inadequate or horrible?  I know what that feels like and it doesn’t feel very good.  The snide remarks that are overheard will stay with you forever.  They will be a constant reminder that at some point in you felt unworthy of any sort of happiness, success, love or friendship.

The world wouldn’t be what it was today if someone didn’t stand up and say that they were tired of the way things are.  So… with that being said, who cares what others do with their lives?  Who cares what other have to say about you or anything that you do?  Who cares if a person who is white decides to love someone who is black?  Who cares if a man decides to hold hands with another man?

One day it won’t even matter, and no one will have a care in the world or even look back at the day when the The Circle Married the Line.

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The Circle Married The Line – Feist