Well… My trip the mid-west wasn’t exactly as amazing as it was planned to be, in fact, it was the exact opposite. We did our best to stay positive, but by the end of the trip, all we wanted to do was clack our imaginary ruby red slippers and just be home. Sadly for us, none of us could count on any fairy god mother to come to our rescue, although, if those existed, I feel like they don’t visit the slums of Missouri and Indiana. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t go there either.

We went to visit the famous Gateway Arch located on the very edge of St. Louis, Missouri. The arch is so amazing and it’s so incredibly tall. We had an amazing view of the landmark from our hotel room and all of us were eager to take the tour of the arch.  So they next morning we drove and parked as close to the arch as we could. We were there for a few hours, took some pics, took the tour, and just enjoyed the scenic view. When we arrived back at our car, we were welcomed to a nice pile of black shards all over the ground, and a smashed in window to our rental van. The contents which used to be inside, were now completely gone. Purses, book bags, wallets, electronics, clothes, souvenirs and all of our identification.

Once we got as much figured out as we could, we got a new rental car and headed for Indianapolis for a football game. In the car a lot of were quite silent, only half paying attention the movie playing. We were all thinking about the events of the day and how on earth we were going to put our lives back together. Feeling extra violated, I sat in the van starring out the window, I wrote this:

On days like today, and on nights like tonight, staring out the window of a van I have no relationship to, I wonder why certain bad things happen to certain good people. I sit in this chair I’ll never sit in again and think “I’m a good person, why do bad things like this happen to me?” I look out the window and stare into the darkness wondering why my friends and I have all been required to suffer the same fate.

I sit here yearning to once again see the things that I’ve cherished for so long, some things I can replace, and others I can’t, things that I didn’t know I needed to to hold on to a lot tighter that I thought. I stare into the abyss and wonder where they’ve gone. I am angered to my core at whoever took them. I know deep down I’ll never see them again. Those things are mine, but they truly don’t belong to me anymore. There are precious objects money can replace, and 1 that no amount of money could ever bring back.

It’s only 8:40 in the evening, and I can’t help but feel like it’s so much later than what the clock leads me to believe. My mind and body fee like they haven’t rested in days, I feel numb to my surroundings and can’t help but feel as though everyone in the car is in my same state of mind. With hours ahead of us on the road, it feels like days, hearing the rumbling of the road beneath us, part of me just wants to jump out of the moving vehicle and die. It’s almost as if parts of me have already died. None of us are able to predict what the next few days will bring, none of us are feeling secure with anything, except for being in each other’s company. I reckon we all feel somewhat alone after being robbed. All of us feeling violated, pissed off and heartbroken.

I guess we are all just ready to be done with this day, ready to start a new one and move forward. We are hoping in our hearts that we will be able to replace what we can, praying for some justice to be served and some of our personal belongings restored to us. Wallowing in sorrow as I sit, I can’t help but notice the uncanny similarities the words ‘Missouri’ and ‘Misery’ share. Seems to go hand in hand with one another. Can’t have on without the other!

I am so mentally exhausted rehashing the events that have passed in my head, but soon to find some rest and soon to come to a close, for The Long Day Is Over!


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The Long Day Is Over – Norah Jones


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