What The World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love
No, not just for some but for everyone”


What The World Needs Now Is Love – Andra Day


A few months ago I got a text message from my friend Kyle asking me to come out to San Francisco and go to Gay Pride with him. I was slightly apprehensive at the invitation because I had never been to pride before and was sort of nervous about it. And also that it was in a giant city like San Francisco because the people can be all sorts of cray there. But I really wanted to first pride experience to be with other gay friends/people,so after giving it a little thought, I jumped on board.

Kyle and I went to junior high and high school together but we were never friends in school. We actually never even spoke really and never even had a single class together. It wasn’t till after high school that we became friends. We had both come out a few years after graduation and started getting to know each other through being gay. He moved around after high school for college and jobs and is now living in San Jose California. He has lived there for the past few year with his boyfriend Brock and they both work as air traffic controllers.

The day came to leave for San Jose. My mom dropped me off at the airport around 4 in the afternoon and my plane took off about 45 minutes later. I watched the newest season of Homeland on the plane and landed after about 1 and half episode in. If you’ve never watched that show… I urge you to start. It’s incredible! It will keep you the edge of your seat… Panties soaked. It’s sooo good!

Once I got there Kyle and Brock picked me up and the airport was so blastedly busy. There were at least 3-400 people waiting to be picked up in the drop-off zone when I got outside. After we made out way out of that mess they took me to this little Greek restaurant where we at and caught up on life and what not. We then left and drove to  their apartment. Here’s the weirdest thing… Last September Whitney surprised me with tickets to see Beyonce in San Jose.. We stayed in an Airbnb at this apartment complex. Kyle and Brock’s apartment was literally right around the corner. I kid you not! It was so bizarre because we drove past and I said “OK… this is really odd… we just drove past the place I stayed at when Whitney and I came to Beyonce” And then it occurred to me that I completely spaced that they lived there at the time and should have stopped to say hi at least! I’m retarded. SMH

We hung out at his apartment for a little while and decided to get in the hot tub. We sat in there and just talked and talked for probably 2 hours. We talked about everyone from high school, swapped coming out stories, dating and how horrible the process when you’re gay. Straight people just don’t get it! If they think dating is hard… they have another thing coming. Dating when you are gay is even worse. Once we were cooked to death and kicked out by the security guard, we went to sleep. Kyle and Brock had set up a plane ride in the morning over San Francisco bay.

That morning we drove to the Palo Alto airport (which is where Brock works) to get in our teenie tiny little plane. Brock has his pilots license which is incredibly expensive to get I found out. But I was so impressed by the fact that he had it and could just take off whenever he felt like it. I would be obsessed with having that… but I don’t really have $20k to do that right now. 🙂 Yes, you read that right. $20k!

We did all the flight pre-check stuff and took off. The view from that little plane was incredible. If you follow me on Snapchat I’m sure you saw. haha It was amazing and I’m sorry for over sending but I couldn’t help it! The view of the city from the angle was breathtaking and incredible. We flew all over San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and the bay area. We landed the plane in a place called Stockton and ate at this little country club on a golf course that is right next to the airport. Once we finished eating we got back in the plane and flew back to Palo Alto. I could have stayed in that plane all day listening to the air traffic controllers talk to us and give Brock instructions on where he could and couldn’t fly but we were headed to San Francisco because we had a boat tour of the bay up next. I was at the mercy oh my phones camera during the entire trip… so some of the photos aren’t the best quality. But… the best camera on earth is the one you have with you, right?

waiting to be picked up like a fed ex package. haha

kyle couldn’t get his door plane door to close to save his life. it was quite the struggle. hahah

get it…

down town!
whitney and I drove past these buildings when were in san jose for beyonce. up close, they look like the emerald city from the wizard of oz.

the bay bridge.

the golden gate bridge. I was way sad that I didn’t go a week prior to this… because kelly clarkson drove across that very bridge and went to the same red wood forest i went to on my first trip to san fran exactly 6 days prior to me being there. 🙁

I’ve not been over it, under it, around it. walked it, driven over it and taken pics from both sides of this beauty!
that view though!!!

being hella extra! haha

Brock’s friend Bliss was supposed to come with us on the boat tour but she had some serious issues with her flights from Oklahoma to San Francisco. It’s a long story but that poor thing spent 14 hours in airports, airplanes, and dealt with delay after delay because of a storm in Oklahoma preventing planes from taking off. I felt really really bad for her and I’d never even met her. So because she couldn’t make it, Brock invited his work friend Whitney with us on the tour. We met with her down by the pier. It was anything but warm on this boat tour… I mean we all had pants and jackets on but I can honestly say that I’m typically warmer while I’m skiing than I was on that tour. The clouds weren’t messing around and the wind was no joke either. It was about 55 degrees with 40 mile an hour winds and it would just hit you right in your bones. It was freezing but it was so beautiful out there. There was just enough space in the clouds to see the sun setting and the bridge was engulfed in this giant misty cloud. We kept having to go inside the ship and warm up before we could back out and see pictures. The tour took us all around Alcatraz and under the bridge. I’ve only ever crossed the bridge in the car or walked across but now I can say that I’ve officially seen it from the water and from the sky. 🙂

2 hours later and almost frozen to death the boat docked again and we got off and Ubered to this Tikki bar where we met up this group of girls that Whitney knew. We sat there and had a some drinks with them and left around 11. We slept in the city that night at Kyle’s friends house. His name is Paul and he and Kyle work together. There were 6 of us sleeping on the floor of his itty bitty living room. It was quite cozy to say the least. There was barley anywhere to even walk. We played phase 10 for a few hours (which I kicked everyone’s ass at) and listened to Betty Who. Brock was a little more than wasted and my turn was always right after him, he barley knew how to play so I had to help him the whole time and being fully intoxicated wasn’t doing him any favors. Let me just tell you… it took all of me not to cheat.

the view of san fran from pauls apartment

about to start the boat bay tour


just eating, listening to some music, and eating! all while trying to warm up.. notice my hot chocolate. Which was basically just hot water.. Zero flavor.

i’m so short… hahaha

The next morning we all woke up and were even more cold than we were on the boat if you can believe that. Paul had opened windows at some point during the evening and never shut them and being on air mattress’s the air inside the mattress’s matches the temperature of the outside air. It made it damn near impossible to ever keep warm under your blankets when the source of the cold was hitting you from underneath. I have never cherished a hot shower more than I did that morning. It was HEAVEN!!! I think my internal body temperature was somewhere in the low 60’s. Once we all got dressed and ready to go we took an Uber down to the pride parade. During the drive Bliss leaned over to me and said, “This is not Oklahoma” and I fully understood what she was saying by those few words. I replied with “Yeah, you’re definitely not in Kansas anymore” hahaha but she was right. It was crazy to see so many gay couples walking everywhere, seeing people in drag, and from all walks of life. It’s crazy how different cultures can be even in the same country.

We basically just watched the parade the whole time once we got there but this wasn’t your typical neighborhood parade. It lasted for nearly 5 hours. There were all sorts of people, companies, organizations and groups walking being out, proud, and supportive. It was such an eye opening experience to see that many people in one area just respecting and loving everyone. I think the thing that I loved most about the entire parade wasn’t the fact that there were a lot of super hot guys walking around in their underwear, or that there were tons of gay couples everywhere, or that people were showing love and respect to each other, but that there were thousands of children there. They were walking in the parade, participating in showing their pride for the people in their lives that are gay, and being perfectly happy doing so. It occurred to me that they are being raised in a way that shows that it’s perfectly okay to be gay and that there is no issue with it. Part of me was envious of that because that is something I never had growing up. It was truly and amazing thing to see that and made me smile and still does to this day.

After watching the parade go by for hour and hours it was time for us to leave. Kyle had to be at work by 6 and I had to make my flight home by 8. We were both kind of bummed to find out that Betty Who wasn’t performing till 6 because we were going to miss her show. We were both looking forward to seeing her live again at Pride. Oh well I guess, what do you do? So we caught a few subway trains and walked back to Pauls house. Me and Kyle dropped Brock off back at the parade and headed back to San Jose. We chatted about our high school days some more, and a little about our futures. He just got a job offer at LAX and is moving there in the next few months. I’m super excited for him to start this new chapter in his life. He’s worked really hard to get to where he is and he deserves all the success in the world. His coming out process has been less than ideal and far more difficult that anything I’ve ever had to deal with. I tip my hat to him for being so strong willed and preserving through all the of the crap he has had to deal with. It really puts into perspective just how blessed I’ve been with my family and friends for being so loving and accepting. I forget sometimes that not everyone’s coming out experience goes as well as mine did. I guess that’s what’s so great about Pride, is that it give people that are shunned, feel disenfranchised, or like outcasts that there is a place for you in this world and that there are thousands of people just like you and it’s everything will be alright.

not a space in hell to walk haha

pauls living room.
pauls “house” is no bigger than a 1 bedroom apartment. No gargae, no covered parking and it cost $900k. I was FLOORED when kyle told me that!!!! Like SHOCKED!!!!!!

so much pride
this lady… was standing right in front of me during about an hour or so of the parade. At one point she turns around and i look down to see that she is breast feeding this child in the stroller. Full tit, right in my face basically. And it wasn’t the fact that she was breast feeding in public that was shocking, it was the fact that she was literally feeding this 6 year old…. Like… as soon as your child’s teeth come in… it’s off the tit and eating solids. I’m not even a mother and I know that. hahah SMH, and she clearly knitted that sweater herself.
I wish this picture showed just how long this parade went. this road is probably 45 miles in length and i still couldn’t see the end of the parade at the end.

This girl plays Poussey Washington in Orange Is The New Black. Good to know the real girl is still alive an kicking. (you’ll only get that if you watch the show) 🙂

The kid hanging out the window is from 13 Reasons why on Netflix. He’s the kid that rapes Hannah in the hotub.
This guy walked 8 miles in those heels!! That is IMPRESSIVE!

“I missed you Peter, and I LOOVE You”


I am so grateful for Kyle and Brock for inviting me to come and stay with them and for taking me to Pride. I got to experience something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time and in an incredible city like San Fran. It’s an trip I will never in my lifetime forget. I got to meet a lot of really great people and experience some incredible things while I was there. I really loved seeing how many people in the world really are so supportive of gay people. All we ever hear on the news or on social media is how many people are against us and it was so refreshing to see this whole other side. I just hope that one day that the whole world could live in harmony and respect everyone like I witnessed on the streets of San Francisco that day. I think it’s high time that starts to take place. “What The World Needs Now Is Love” and not just for some, but for literally everyone. It could be a far greater place to live if that would just happen already.

First Pride was such an amazing success! And I can’t wait to go next year in my home state. 🙂

(We listened to the song in this post a few separate time on our way to San Francisco which is why I picked it for this blog. We listened to a different version, but my love for Andra Day runs real deep and so I went with hers instead)