The holiday season is my favorite time of year, I don’t love the freezing cold, but honestly… Who does? I do however love the clothes that go hand in hand with the bitter temperatures. I get to pull out all of the stops when it comes to winter wear, it’s all about the layers, the coats ,the gloves and I can’t get quite enough of it. The holidays are coming to a close and I can honestly say that I did try to do everything ‘Christmasy’ I could think of (minus caroling because I did that once at a party, and it was somewhat of a train wreck.) I still need to go ice skating, but did get to walk around to see all of the lights, sipped delicious cinnamon hot chocolate, watched my favorite Christmas movies all cozy by the fire, shopped till I dropped (all for others of course, not myself. Which is depressing when I really start thinking about it).  Although, I do love getting gifts, it’s a lot more fun sometimes to give them and I feel like I give great ones 🙂   *hair flip*

My most favorite and cherished part of the holidays is, of course, the music. I listen to Christmas music all year round, I am odd, I’m aware, but it’s not against the law. I am beyond proud and have next to no shame admitting that I jam to ‘Run Run Rudolph’ in my car in the middle of July. What better way to ring in the holiday season than with all the holiday classics 6 months in advance? 🙂

I got a record player for Christmas so that I could listen to all the old vinyl’s that we have sitting in storage (Christmas records included). Rest assure that I ran down stairs and got my hands on some hidden gems and had them playing all morning at full blast while others were trying to take a nap! Ain’t no rest for the wicked 🙂 I was in love and utterly obsessed and can’t wait to discover what sounds lie inside those dusty old boxes.

So… I guess that I can say I achieved most of my goals when it came to celebrating this year. I submerged myself in holiday cheer, dove head first into classic traditions and maybe made a few new ones. I truly tried to make the most of the season!

I feel as thought the there is a certain color that screams ‘Christmas Season’ above all the others, without it, it doesn’t really feel right, and it just doesn’t feel quite like Christmas. I mean, you can’t truly celebrate the holidays without listening to the great music, wrapping presents, watching the classic movies, sitting by the fire, seeing all the lights and of course, the snow (which made it’s debut right on time this year — on Christmas morning). It really is the most wonderful time of year, and this Christmas was full of great surprises. I’m so happy that I got to spend it with friends and family, and I got the chance to do all of it, Wrapped In Red!

“Blue is where I’ve been
Green can’t buy me you
Silver bells remind me
That mistletoe’s for two

So I found a color
That only tells the truth
That paints a picture
Of how I feel for you

In all this white, you’ll see me like
You’ve never seen me yet
Wrapped In Red”

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In this coat, I’m paying tribute to the most incredible singer on the person on the planet, Mrs. Clarkson.

**Here’s to you for having the best Christmas album… every made’ :)**

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Wrapped In Red – Kelly Clarkson


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